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Previously “The Circle de Lamiis”, (Circle of Witches) and originally named Coven of Boskednon,  (Coven of the Ancient Ones) – The Coven and name “Boskednon” had been going for well over twenty five years. (Lady) Tamara had handed over the running of the Coven and the running of the Church of Wicca to Lady Amaris in 2004. Lady Amaris changed the name of the circle to the Circle of Heka to reflect the change in the structure of the Coven and the Church.

Heka is the Egyptian word for Majik.

Heka is the inherent magical energy (mana or personal power) found within living beings. Different creatures were perceived as possessing different amounts of heka. The gods had the most heka. The pharaoh (as a channel for the divine energy) also had a lot of heka, as did people with red hair as it was considered a sign of having much heka, due to the magical associations with that colour. As well as being the term for magick, Heka was a god, indeed he was the god of magick. Or perhaps it would be more correct to say he was magick, being the divine personification of magick. His name being the Egyptian word for Majik. Heka literally means activating the Ka, the aspect of the soul, which embodied personality. Egyptians thought activating the power of the soul was how majik worked. “Heka” also implied great power and influence, particularly in the case of drawing upon the Ka of the gods. Heka acted together with Hu, the principle of divine utterance, and Sia, the concept of divine omniscience, to create the basis of creative power both in the mortal world and the world of the gods. Put more simply: the word Heka is the Egyptian word for majik. Translating as “Words of Power”. But it would be more correct to call it Life Force in Action.

So after all that, who are we?

The Circle of Heka is a beautiful majikal mix of very different Sisters and Brothers, bringing their own portion of knowledge and individuality to our circle Each member although very different has a place within the circle, all are honest, communicate with each other and ego and agendas are set aside. We are small Coven, and that is by design. I see no benefit in growing fast and tall, only to die just as quick. Preferring to grow slowly, with strong foundations, strong walls and many levels. So each member of the Coven is one because they fit. Now even though the name of the circle comes from the Egyptian, we incorporate the many Traditions of Witchcraft into our circle.

What is An Outercourt?

We run an Outercourt about once every 1 to 2 years. The Outercourt consists of fortnightly meetings, covering topics such as basics on the Elements, chakras & cleansing, The Goddess & the Moon, Psychic Development, Meditation, and more. You will be asked to keep a diary on your observations on the nature, the world around you, observations on yourself etc. During the Outercourt, you are invited and encouraged to attend all festivals.
Once the Outercourt is completed, if you are interested in going further with us, you can ask to become a Neophyte within the Circle of Heka. During the Neophyte training you will be invited to a Full Moon ritual. Non-initiates are not normally invited to Full Moons, but we do this in order to allow the Neophyte to experience a formal coven ritual.
The time span of the Outercourt training and the Neophyte training will take no less than 1 year. This gives everyone a chance to get to know each other and as a trainee, this gives you plenty of time to decide if witchcraft is for you and importantly if we as a group are for you.
Please note that we do not take anyone under the age of 18 years old unless a parent/parents are a member, or we have meet with the minor’s parents and have gauged that the minor is mature enough to undergo the Outercourt training.


This is the part everyone jumps straight too. So here is how it works. If you would like to be initiated into our coven, you need to formally ask, by handing in a hand written letter of request to be initiated. This should be done after careful consideration and only after training with the coven for no less than 1 year – this is bare bones minimum. Now as we are a small tight-knit working magical group. Everyone has to be comfortable and everyone has to fit, so you will have to be prepared for the likelihood that your request will be rejected.
Our group does have a Hierarchy, which is based on the level that has been attained. This is not an ego stroking exercise, each level signifies the roles and responsiblities expected  from that level within the coven.  Everyone is equal and respected, and everyone has a say in the running of the coven.

No person under the age of 18 years old will be initiated into the coven.

We only initiate in the winter months.

Completion of the Outercourt does not guarantee initiation, nor is Initiation expected upon completion of the Outercourt.

After Initiation

Once initiated into the coven, you begin the next stage of your personal journey, training and learning within the coven. As a member of the Circle of Heka, you are encouraged to experiment and bring new ideas to the group. You are expected to be responsible for yourself and your actions. As an adult, it’s up to you to put in the work. You will not be pushed or coerced to go faster than the pace that is comfortable for you.
But we do expect to see some progression as we support and help you along the path.

Degrees within the Circle of HEKA


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