Classes and Workshops

Presented by Lady Amaris, these classes and workshops are based on the tradition of the Circle of Heka and other Traditional Witchcraft teachings. Jam packed full of information and hands on training, these new classes and workshops are designed to gain a better understanding of the world of Witchcraft, yourself and your own spiritual path.  Blessed Be.

Teen Witchcraft –  A Practical Workshop for Teenage Witches – Two Day Workshop – 13th and 14th July 2021 – Como WA

Hex Education –  Part 1 – Introduction to Witchcraft 6 Week Course Starts  July 2021 – Como WA

Circle of Heka Outercourt
8 Week Course Date TBA 2021 – Como WA

This is a continuation of the Hex Education Course, which must be completed to take this course.

Spiritual Protection – class available online soon.

Sigil Magick – available as a online class soon.

Manifest with Magick 5 Week Course

– Will be available as a online class soon.

House Blessing – Will be available as a online class soon.

More Workshops and Classes Coming soon.

What our students say

  • I signed up for this course with no expectations and no clue. My intuition led me. I discovered a world of knowledge that is old and that I already knew, the teachings/learnings were all familiar. What was beneficial about the course is that it was up to me to take the learnings deeper and to do the assignments. It was me that squeeze the marrow out of this course. Lady Amaris was always open and knowledgeable and willing to answer questions and to guide us through the course..... Hard to write a testimonial when the course was speaking to the heart rather than to the head, when we are in the head space we can easily understand, comprehend and communicate the learnings, when we are in the heart space or intuition it is very difficult to write how beneficial the course is. This course was a kick in the bum to get me motivated and moving on my shadow work. I recommend the course. - Fleur Gowland

  • Mind = Blown. I had no preconceived ideas on what to expect from this course, both in knowledge and experience. The course ticked all the boxes that pique my interests - psychology, human biology, science, maths. Presented in a highly professional format, including weekly handouts. Interesting and practical hands on activities each week.

    This course shares valuable information in those who want to take a step towards healing themselves, others and our planet. I guarantee your eyes will be opened to the unseen and your mind will be blown on what you perceive as reality. - Kellie Spencer

  • So much insightful information has been packed into a few fleeting weeks. Lady Amaris provides us with an holistic foundation of knowledge from which to begin our search for inner wisdom, and explore the mystical and natural worlds we are part of ..... thankyou. - Jackie Boniface

  • If you have been Interested in the occult and are looking for like minded people who are open, genuine and down to earth, look no further. The course material covers a broad range of topics providing a great base for any searcher of mystical knowledge. Do yourself a favour and put down the book you're reading and do the outer court course. You will meet some great people and will be taught in a way that will allow you to understand better than any occult book out there. - Brent Giles

  • Thankyou for sharing your amazing wealth of knowledge. You are gifting something truly magikal. - Cheryl Keenan

  • Very informative, genuine and caring people. Loving every minute of it. I would highly recommended this course. - Vicky Caldwell

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