Circle of Heka – OuterCourt Starting July 2015

Circle of Heka – OuterCourt Starting July 2015

I’m really looking forward to this next OuterCourt. It will be the third in this new format and as with all my outercourts no two are exactly the same. I am continually adapting and adding new material, to keep the content fresh.

This 12 week face to face course, is based on Traditional Witchcraft and other occult teachings. The course content is designed to look under the surface of the popular conventions of Wicca, in order to give you a deeper understanding of these spiritual concepts and in turn hopefully giving you the tools to understand and awakening your spiritual potential. Jam packed full of information and hands on training, this outercourt is delivered in my new interactive multimedia format, in designed to maximise cognitive retention.

The 12 week course will be running from Sunday 5th July 2015 – 2pm – 6pm at the George Burnett Leisure Centre, Manning WA.

The cost is $120, this is purely to cover the cost of renting the room and course materials, my time is free.

If you are interested please email me to secure your position. If you are on a fixed income please don’t worry let me know and we can work something out. Remember information should be available to all, not just those who have money. Blessed Be Amaris – Lady of the Circle of Heka

Leanne, craft name Lady Amaris (meaning child of the moon - welsh/ gift of God - Hebrew, you are loved - Latin) High Priestess of the Circle of Heka since September 2004. From a very early age Lady Amaris has been fascinated by the occult, as a child she began reading and collecting books on UFO's, PSI and the Unexplained. She remembers many an afternoon listening as her mother and grandfather (a Freemason) discussed everything from Atlantis and ancient Egypt to ghosts, telepathy and beyond. Or her nana on her fathers side, telling her about how we are related to a family of witches back in the old country. Of all her reading, the majik and mystery of witches and witchcraft interested her the most. These were strong powerful women who had the power to heal as well as curse. She believed deep down that the same power was inside her; she just needed to find a way to let it out. In her late teens early 20's she lost touch with her spiritual self. There was her career to pursue and boys to think about (or was that the other way around). It wasn't until 1997 that she came to the growing realization that something was missing, she felt as if her eyes were closed to something. She could feel it was there but she couldn't see it. At this time she found a book on Wicca, here was everything she believed in her heart as a child but could not put into words, her eyes were now opening and the sleeping witch within had begun to waken. Amaris then studied and celebrated the festivals and full moons, taking from books what felt right and discarding what did not. Filling in the gaps with her imagination and a growing connection to the divine. After about a year she knew that witchcraft was her path. This is when she met Lady Tamara (when the student is ready the teacher will appear) and started the Church of Wicca - Wiccan Study Course. During her time with the Church she has meet many wonderful beautiful people of the craft. And running a Coven for the past nine years, she has learnt a lot, not only about herself, but the changing face of the craft and spirituality. Lady Amaris hasn’t written any books, (but she is still young so there is plenty of time for that later. Maybe if people enjoy the blog material she with think about it.) She hasn’t been interviewed by the newspapers, or written articles for them either. Why? She has never been a fame whore so hasn’t felt the need, plenty of Wiccans doing that already, and so why the blog? For her own enjoyment really, and bloging is so the new black. ☺ So as long as its fun, she will continue to do it. Blessed Be!

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