A Witch in the Circle of Heka

The Circle of Heka is about you becoming the best version of yourself, witch or not. But to call yourself Witch is to say that you take responsibility for the direction your life goes and the person you are shaping yourself to become.


Clean Temple

Your body is your Temple, your body is your House. It’s simple Garbage in Garbage out, what you feed the microcosm (Your Mind, Body and Spirit) reflects in the Macrocosm (your life and ultimately the lives of others).



A Witch rules themselves. A Witch takes action in their lives and takes responsibility for their choices, right or wrong. A Witch does not allow themselves to be ruled or suppressed by others.



A Witch has great knowledge and even more so, understanding of both the Microcosm and Macrocosm. A witch is forever learning, for they know that the more you know, the more you realise there is more to know.


Connection To Deity

Strong connection to Spirit. The truth within all things.



A Witch is Balanced in mind, body and spirit. A Witch finds their centre and becomes a whole being. Stepping into truth and transforming into a true Human.


Connection to Nature

A Witch is a conservationist, and in-tune with the ebb and the flow of the tides and cycles of nature.


Not ruled by Ego

Look at why you want to be a Witch. If it is because you feel disempowered and want people to be afraid of you and bow down to you. Or this spiritual stuff looks like a quick way to make a heap of cash. If this is true, then the path of the Witch is not for you.


Walk your Talk

A Witch acts with Integrity, Discipline and Respect, this is self-evident in all affairs. They are the defender of care – truth – Goddess/God and the instrument of change in the world.

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